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Sharona Village and the Lower Galilee are Perfect
for a Relaxing and Fun Vacation  !


Sharona is located in the Lower Galilee - 15 mins. from the Sea of Galilee (Kineret), a region known for its green hills and pastoral landscape.

This region enjoys pleasant weather even at summer time !

Local facilities in Sharona village:
  -  a large grocery store
  -  sport grounds
  -  synsgogue
  -  seasonal swimming pool

In rhe nearby Circassian Kfar Kama:  
  - bank and ATM
  - shops open 7 days a week 

Many restaurants are nearby (MIddle-Eastern, Italian, South American, and more). 
Many Tourist and Nature Places of Interest are close by -
holy places, hot spas, walking trails.

Many Tourist Attraction are available:
  -  Horse Riding
  -  4x4 Tours
  -  Boat Tours on the Sea of Galilee

   - Rafting on the Jordan River
Famous Tourist Sites and Locations are Easily Accessible:

15 mins to    Mount Tabor
20 mins 
to    Yardenit
25 mins  to   hot spas (Tiberias, Hamat-Gader).
25 mins 
to    Jordan River, Sea of Galilee & Tiberias

30 mins to    Nazareth, Canna-Galilee.                  
40 mins to    M
agdala, tabgha, Capernaum, Mt. of                           Batitude, Kursi.
30 mins to    Nazareth, Canna-Galilee.
40 mins to   Golan Hights
45 mins to    Beit-Shaean.
45mins to     Tzipori, Tzefat
50 mins to    Dor beach (mediterenian).
to      Haifa

60 mins to     Acre
1 hour and 30 mins to Tel-Aviv.
2 hours to       Jerusalem (via rd. 6).
2 hours and 30 min to the Dead Sea.

Our region is abundant with historic sites from ancient times and religious places sacred to all religions.

For example, Mount Tabor is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. It is known among Christians from the Gospel story of the Transfiguration of Christ which traditionally takes place on Mount Tabor. 

For information and tips about tourism in Israel, you are welcome to contact us
by mail (info@karaso.co.il) or

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