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Our Location & Getting Here

The Lower Galilee region is known for its green hills and pastoral landscape
and is 
perfect for a relaxing, interesting, and fun vacation  !

Sharona vlllage is located 15 mins. from the Sea of Galilee (Kineret).
Also the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley are close...

From the village you can view the Yav'ni'el ("built by god") valley 
with the Sea of Galilee & Golan Heights behind... 

Many Tourist and Nature Places of Interest are close by: 

-   holy places for Jews & Christians
-   historic sites
-   walking & bike trails
-   nature viewpoints
-   nature reserves

Many Activities are available close by:

  -  hot spas
  -  boat tours on the Sea of Galilee
  -  canooing on the Jordan River-  horse riding
  -  guided jeep tours
  -  family activities (for all ages)

The most Famous Tourist Sites & Locations are Easily Accessible:

15 mins to    Mount Tabor
20 mins 
to    Yardenit (Jordan baptizing site)
25 mins  to   hot spas (Tiberias, Hamat-Gader)
25 mins 
to    Jordan River, Sea of Galilee & Tiberias

30 mins to    Nazareth, Canna-Galilee
40 mins to    Magdala, tabgha, Capernaum, Mt. of Beatitudes, Kursi

40 mins to    Golan Hights
45 mins to    Beit Shae'an site
45 mins to    Tzipori (
Sepphoris), Safed
50 mins to    Dor beach (mediterenian sea)
50 mins to    Haifa
60 mins to    Acre

1.5 hours to  Tel-Aviv
2 hours to     Jerusalem (via rd. 6)
2.5 hours to   The Dead Sea

Local facilities in Sharona village:
-  a large grocery store
-  sport grounds
-  synsgogue
-  seasonal swimming pool

In the nearby village
bank and ATM
  - shops open 7 days a week 
in the area:
 - Many restaurants for every price range,
from Pizzeria to gourmet and every type
MIddle Eastern, Israeli, South American, and more). 


Getting to Karaso B&B
Ben Gurion Airport
is easy and takes 1.5 hours.
1.          From Ben-Guryon airport - drive on rd. no. 1.

2.          Join rd. no. 6 north.
              At the iron exit, turn right to rd. no. 65.

3.          At Kfar Tavor junction, turn right to rd. no. 767.

4.          After 6 Km. you have arrived at Sharona village. 

Exact directions in the village will be provided following reservation :)